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     This is perhaps the most complete modern tafseer in English.   Widely praised as the translation for our modern English speakers to grow with.  Balanced and with full reasons for revelation and commentary.  

    "To me its one of the best work of Quranic translation for English readers accompanied by the background of each Chapter and very useful footnotes. I highly recommend this book (also available on Kindle) for anyone wishing to study the Qur'an in English."  - Technology of the Heart Website


Feature 1

   There are many resources both in the front and back of the book.  These include discussions on hadith, chronology of surahs, summarized biographies of people mentioned in the Qur'an, a biography of the Prophet, ways to approach the text and many, many more.  There are many, many excellent ratings on  Click the button below to see them.  


Feature 2

There are chapter introductions for every Surah, along with the reasons for revelation for practically every verse or passage.  This brings the Asbab ul Nuzul to the everyday reader like never before.  No other translation has this feature to this extent.  Check out the reviews on  Click the button below.


Feature 3

The footnotes cover a wide variety of topics, including connections to historical research, links to other faiths and even the thoughts and opinions of writers from the classical Muslim world.  See the reviews on Amazon UK for more.  Click the button below.