What is your Orientation?

We adhere to traditional Islam as practiced and understood by the majority community since the beginning.  We have no involvement in politics, nor do we advocate any sectarian, political or cultural causes.  We are seekers of the Way devoted to helping ourselves and others discover their true spiritual potential through the grace of God, the only Goal for a fulfilled life in this world and in the Next.

Do you Publish other authors?

Due to time and budgeting constraints, we can only afford to publish in-house.

Do you offer seminars or lecture services?

We speak when we can, but our main focus is on the production of useful educational materials.  Our preference is to put needed books, videos, audios and apps in the hands of those who can use them to promote the wider Cause.


Do you give permission to reprint or republish your materials?

Generally we don't mind if you use our articles found on our website, with proper attribution, however, for books, apps and videos we produce, we often already have agreements with other parties on those.  

How often do new products come out?

Each of us involved in this enterprise hold full-time jobs outside of this publishing house.  Therefore, production is sometimes slow, though at other times we may come out with several projects in a few months' time.  It all depends on the Grace of God and our work schedules to earn our livelihoods.

How Can I help?

   Your support is crucial as we do not solicit or accept funds from any organization either in the U.S. or abroad.  All of our work is funded from our own pockets and from dedicated individuals who would like to see the standardization of a spiritually-based curriculum for students in the modern world.

We always need donations of funds to help move projects forward.  We also appreciate your purchasing of our products on Amazon and other venues.  Sharing those products with other is also awesome.  Finally, prayers for our success are the greatest gift of all.  Donations can be sent to our paypal address: amirahpbco@aol.com