Education for a New MILLENNIUM

   Amirah Publishing is dedicated to creating the ideal curriculum and syllabus for the study of Islam, Arabic and Muslim-themed literature in full-time parochial schools, weekend classes and also for families and homeschoolers.  

   In addition to writing and publishing our own original materials, we also incorporate into our syllabus books, audios and other items drawn from a variety of sources.  

   You will find a complete syllabus covering subjects such as Islam, Reading and Spiritual Literature, as well as a full discussion of the aims of each area of study and growth.  A model weekend school program is also within this website as well as many other resources and goodies.  Our goal is to enable schools, teachers and parents to present Islam and its worldview in a logical, faithful and complete way with the idea that the young will better be able to integrate their spiritual tradition in a variety of societal contexts.

Teaching Islam

Islamic School Curriculum Resources - discussed, analyzed and suggestions by grade level.  Click on the picture above for all resources and philosophical discussions.  To go straight to the lists of materials, click the button below.

Featured Book

This is the best book for da'wah in English.  The basic teachings of Islam are explained in clear and concise language with frequent connections made to Western culture and history so readers can see how Islam and its beliefs relate to their own background in context.  Read a review below from a convert who appreciated how this book explained Islam to them.

Our Bestselling Product

A profile of our best selling Qur'an for Kids - Yes, the entire Qur'an in simpler language with graphics to help hold the attention of youngsters.  Many adults have appreciated the unique presentation for themselves and love to read it with their children or by themselves!