Sample Pages and Reviews

   Here you will find some sample pages and links to people who have reviewed the book.  It has been well-received all over the English speaking world as a resource for children learning the Deen.  

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Feature 1

There are concise chapter introductions for every surah.  The text is in easy English with no Old English or difficult grammar.  Read a review from a blogging sister at Muslim Hashtag.  Click the button below...


Feature 2

Engaging graphics on nearly every page hold the attention of kids whether a parent is reading to them or they are reading on their own.  Read a review from the Muslim family magazine.  Click the button below...


Feature 3

The reasons for revelation are scattered all throughout the text in separate text boxes to give context to the meaning of the Message.  Dozens and dozens of reviews on Amazon from all over the world show how well-received this book has been since publication.  Click the button below to see the reviews there.