Books in spanish

  Also here are some nice links to websites in Spanish for children.  More to come...


Hadith Book in spanish

El Bendito Profeta Muhammad fue conocido por su fuerte carácter y sabiduría. Junto con el Corán - el libro de Alá - el mundo ha sido bendecido con muchos de los dichos del Profeta, resoluciones y anectdotes.

Pre-K Coloring Book

This is an Islamic studies textbook for children at the Pre-K level. It is in the Spanish language for use by schools, parents and institutions. Large coloring pages combined with simple text convey to children the basic concepts and outlines of the Islamic way of life.

Children's Story 

The delightful tale of a Muslim boy who finds that good choices always have a way of working out in the end. Coloring pages enhance the story, which is told in Spanish.

Even More Stories in Spanish!