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A classic tale about a young girl who finds Islam, and danger, amidst the harrowing religious conflicts of medieval Muslim Spain. Experience firsthand what life was like in the splendid Muslim city of Cordoba. See through the eyes of Isabella as she struggles with her father's beliefs and finds that life is not always as easy as people think. Embark on a journey into history, into the heart, as you follow her path from darkness into light. Illustrated.

Ahmad Deen and the Jinn at Shaolin

A once in a lifetime chance! Ahmad Deen is one of ten lucky students in his school who gets an all-expense paid trip to China. But instead of getting a history lesson, Ahmad may become a victim of history as he is thrust in the middle of a bizarre web of superstition, corruption and ancient hatreds that seek to destroy all who interfere. Who kidnapped his room-mate? What clue can only be found in the Shaolin Temple? How will Ahmad learn the Kung-Fu skills he'll need to defeat the powers of darkness. or will he fall prey to the mysterious Jinn at Shaolin? Illustrated. 

The Seafaring Beggar

An anthology that promises excitement from cover to cover. A middle school appropriate text that explains the beliefs of Islam in a simple manner so that young hearts can understand the truth. This text intermingles fables with poems, tales and real life stories.

Layla Deen and the Popularity Contest

What does it take to be popular? This is what we find out in this story of an American Muslim girl negotiating the perils and pitfalls of junior high school. When someone mysteriously enters her name in the school-wide popularity contest, her world is thrown into turmoil even as she learns things about herself - and others - that she never would have guessed possible.

The Army of Lions

What happens when the world's mightiest warrior must face the world's most evil tyrant? The peaceful tribes of the Maghreb region of North Africa and southern Spain find themselves confronted by the evil and land hungry Zanjir. 

The Memory of Hands

The Memory of Hands is a collection of ten short stories exploring the turbulent transition of faith and culture from the Indian subcontinent to small town America. Told with insight and sensitivity, these tales highlight the contradictions between what is and what is supposed to be.