Story Books for Ages 8-12

The following story books are excellent adventures for active young minds.  They help youngsters see the world through more spiritual eyes, while still recognizing the wider world we live within.


LAyla Deen 

Somebody's trying to ruin her Ramadan! Layla Deen and her family were just settling in to break a long days fast when their mother came running from the kitchen and cried, "Someone stole the food for Iftar!" Layla knew it was a terrible crime and decided to get to the bottom of this mystery. See what happens in this tale of mystery with an ending that will leave you smiling! Illustrated. 

Ahmed Deen

Where is he? Ahmad Deen and his sister Layla thought they were getting a nice vacation in tropical Mexico. But what they're really going to get is a hair-raising race against time to save their father from becoming the next victim of an ancient, bloody ritual! How can Ahmad save his father and deal with his bratty sister at the same time?

To make matters worse, no one seems to want to help them find the mysterious lost city that may hold the key to their father's whereabouts. And then there's that jungle guide with the strangely familiar jacket. Are they brave enough-or crazy enough, to take on the Curse of the Aztec Warrior?

Finders keepers and other stories

An excellent anthology of moral stories whose themes are relevant to Muslim youth in this society. Through these Eleven short stories, young readers will learn a variety of Islamic lessons in dealing with charity, honesty, kindness to animals, showing off and greed. 

Burhaan Khan

This is a delightful series of short stories which chronicle the journey of a young Muslim boy as he grows and learns through life's many twists and turns. Strong moral lessons teach compassion, patience and introspection about the truly important things in life.